Street Car Racing 3D

Street Car Racing 3D 1.0

Street Car Racing 3D is a car racing screensaver for Windows
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Street Car Racing 3D is a shareware screen saver for Windows. This application features a high quality video showing a car race with four participants. The racing vehicles are of different shapes and colors (grey, orange, red).

During the race, we have the possibility to view some breathtaking maneuvers, and sometimes, we can feel as if we were driving a racing car ourselves. We also view the race from many different angles and positions. Occasionally, one of the cars stops at the pit stop. The accompanying music is quite appropriate.

We can access the screen saver menu through desktop properties. We are allowed to customize several important options, such as video quality (low, medium, high), enable and disable the music, and adjust the music volume. Depending on our computer capabilities, we can select the video mode and video quality to suit our needs better. This program also shows the current time, and we are allowed to choose between the 12-hour or the 24-hour time format. This program can be evaluated free of charge.

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  • If you like car racing, this program is right for you
  • Evaluation version
  • Customizable options


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